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Top 10 Best Video Game Websites 2015

The mounting competition in the gaming industry has led to the sprouting of numerous video game websites that are of different sizes and niches. From small websites that only specialise in a specific genre, to high-budget media companies that publish the most up-to-date AAA exclusives, there’s an enormous wealth of relevant content for all the game fanatics.

In this list, we will look at the 10 best video game sites that provide unique and relevant content for the gaming industry, and the features and qualities that make them standout.


1) Giant Bomb


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Giant Bomb is known for producing brutally honest yet trustworthy reviews. It aims to balance fun and relevance in making creative content about games.

Since the site was launched in 2008, Giant Bomb has established its name in the industry. It has gained wide readership due to its entertaining, informative content. The community of Giant Bomb is very loyal and positively blunt. Due to its high following, as well as its ability to always impress its followers, Giant Bomb has definitely earned the top spot very well.


2) Rock, Paper, Shotgun



Rock, Paper, Shotgun provides a resolute view at all facets of PC gaming. Its best feature are game diaries, which are creative entries of the writer’s subjective experiences. The site exposes the realities of gaming that many other review sites tend to overlook.

The greatest achievement of the site is its ability to ensure that its content is not only analytical and thought-provoking, but also really entertaining.


3) Kill Screen


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Kill Screen produces well-written features that insist on treating games as a respectable form of art. It closely examines what it belies constitutes the significant aspects of gaming.

Several Kill Screen articles read more like poems than pieces of game journalism, showcasing a unique perspective both in its arguments and format, although sometimes it borderlines being slightly arrogant.

Kill Screen has totally gotten away from the traditional ‘buyers guide’ writing style, and takes game journalism to another level with its symmetrical rhyming stanzas.


4) Polygon


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Although new in the industry, Polygon has already established itself as a publisher to some of the best highbrow content in video games journalism.

The site specializes in producing highly creative feature articles through a unique perspective. Usually, the articles focus on the development process behind video games, but in a more fun manner. Aside from the features, the site also provides scholarly analysis that serve as more than just a buyer’s guide.


5) GameFAQs


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GameFAQs has been in the video game journalism industry for about 2 decades. And it still continues serving gamers of all types of information that they need – from general FAQs and walkthroughs to more in-depth documents such as details on how to complete games at 100 percent, completion challenges, game scripts, cheat codes, and many more.

Over the years, the site has evolved from just offering advice and tips to gamers, to incorporating more community elements and interactive features. With all these features, GameFAQs remains as a powerhouse of gaming information.


6) The Escapist


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The Escapist online magazine is well-known for providing high-quality, though-provoking editorials, and has established its name for its entertaining outlook on video game culture. More than that, the site has already played host to some famous gaming personalities, including Tom Chick and Jim Sterling.

The site’s most infamous feature is Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw’s Zero Punctuation video review series. The series takes a funny look at the latest game release, focusing mainly on the negative aspects. These comedic pieces have become influential to the point that they are often acknowledged by developers and publishers.


7) Gamasutra


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Gamasutra specializes in video game development. As a matter of fact, it is written for developers, although it remains available for anyone who has interest in gaming business. Gamasutra is famous for publishing behind-the-scenes looks at the industry.

Some of the site’s most interesting features are their regular post-mortems of popular games. These post-mortems looks at the best and worst aspects of the development of a game, in a bid to identify the reasons for its success or failure. This information is highly essential for those who are seriously considering a place in the video game industry.


8) Destructoid


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Destructoid’s unending stream of original content, as well as its unique approach to games journalism, has made the site a “video game lover’s sanctuary”. More than that, its high quality video content, which varies from deep analysis to full comedy, make it veer away from traditional forms of content.

With this diversity of styles, Destructoid has introduced the many facets of gaming to its loyal base of followers.


2) Joystiq


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With more than a decade of experience in its belt, Joystiq remains as one of the most reliable gaming sites. It’s a good source for general gaming news and extensive editorials.

Its best feature is the humorous Super Joystiq, which brings together all the editors in switching roles. The podcast’s well-informed discussions makes it rally worthy for a weekly download.

Although Joystiq may not be the best in the gaming journalism industry, it has always remained in its promise of quality and creativity.


10) Yahoo! Games



Yahoo! Games has a simple interface that is straightforward and easy to navigate. It offers a vast selection of titles that range from classic favourites like backgammon, Go, and Reversi to newer classics like Bejeweled and Hold ‘Em Poker. You will also find several single-player and multiplayer games. The site features rankings to help keep advanced players from novice gamers. It also has built-in chat features.

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